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Voice pitch?:

Sleeping position, Do I drool or Snore in my sleep? :

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Morning, Noon, Or Evening Person?:

Anything Else?:

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  • fav character:[kills someone]
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replaying the same level in a video game for the hundredth time


this is extremely accurate 

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when u reblog one of those ask game things and nobody sends u anything


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I wave shyly as you pop up into my blog space.
"Hi," I mumble, smiling. "Welcome to my blog."
I gesture towards my many posts including fandom, human rights and other subjects.
"Uh, go through the 'life' door to find out a little bit about me, Samurai Sam's door has some helpful things." I shift my wheight from foot to foot, looking at the ground once in a while. "If Zander's door is open, theres some games that are really cute. Double Take has some interesting things behind his door and Alexy has a dating sim. Its really customizable. Edward's still in his room. You should go say hi." I look straight into your eyes. "But you have to look inside Zuko's door. You will not be dissapointed."
Isn't It A Good Time To Be Alive